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Charitable Solicitation Registration 

Fundraising activities of nonprofit organizations are regulated by state law. Many states have charitable solicitation laws that require nonprofits, as well as any paid professional “fundraising counsel” or consultant hired to assist the nonprofit with fundraising activities, to register with the state before the nonprofit or professional solicits any donations.


Many organizations have registration and filing requirements in multiple states. We provide a comprehensive charitable solicitation registration solution for small to medium size nonprofit organizations that fundraise in more than one state.  Our charitable solicitation compliance services include:

  1.  Electronic access to all forms on our secure client interface,

  2.  Preparation of all required state forms,

  3.  Assembly and mailing of all state registration packets,

  4.  Calculation and payment of state fees on behalf of the organization,

  5.  Identification of possible registration exemptions,

  6.  Applications for exemptions,

  7.  Applications for extensions, and

  8.  Annual registration renewal and report filings.

Questions about your organization's registration requirements? Schedule a free Charitable Solicitation Compliance Review call with Side Project's Managing Attorney Jeff Fromknecht today!

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Check Your Status


Most states host free online databases of charities registered to fundraise in the state. These listings contain program and financial data about your organization and it's important that the information is accurate. Check your nonprofit's status here.

Charitable Solicitation Laws


Charitable solicitation is regulated on the state level. Click Here to view a list of each state's solicitation laws and requirements

The Nonprofit Legal Hotline


Do you have questions about your nonprofit organization's charitable registration status or want to sign up for our charitable registration compliance services? Schedule a free call today

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