Nonprofit General Counsel  


Side Project’s Managing Attorney, Jeff Fromknecht, is available to provide outside counsel to your nonprofit on an as-needed basis. As your organization’s general counsel, Jeff and his team help with:

  • Managing an organization's legal affairs in support of its mission,

  • Identifying, assessing, and managing legal risk, regulatory risk, and related reputation risk,

  • Providing legal advice to an organization's President/CEO and to the Board of Directors and its committees on a wide range of legal and regulatory issues,

  • Providing legal advice and assistance in the development and growth of the organization’s social enterprise in connection with transactions and contracts,

  • Providing advice and assistance on legal, policy, governance, and operational matters,

  • Overseeing relations with outside counsel, including monitoring and approving retention agreements with outside counsel (if needed), and

  • Ensuring that the organization operates with the highest legal and ethical standards and in a manner such that 501(c)(3) status is maintained.

Legal Consult for Nonprofit
30 min
Life Cycle of a Nonprofit
Life Cycle of a Nonprofit

This resource overviews the major milestones that most nonprofit organizations go through and the common compliance and legal issues that need to be addressed at each stage. 

Board of Directors 101
Legal Compliance Checklist
Board of Directors 101


Taking on a leadership role as a board member of a nonprofit organization is an exciting opportunity for new lawyers. While it is an honor to serve on a nonprofit Board of Directors, it is important to know and understand that this is more than just a title to add to your LinkedIN profile. Members of the Board of Directors serve in a fiduciary role to the organization. This presentation provides a primer on the roles and fiduciary responsibilities of the members of the Board of Directors

Legal Compliance Checklist


There are many local, state, and federal laws that impact the operations of nonprofit corporations. This checklist provides an overview of the major corporate, tax, and fundraising laws, rules, and regulations that might impact your nonprofit tax exempt organizations.