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The Action & Advisory Committee

The Action & Advisory Committee is a major factor to Side Project’s success sparking social change. The Action & Advisory Committee is Side Project’s volunteer corps and harnesses the power and energy of more than 30 young (and young-at-heart) professionals who want to give back to the community by taking on a charitable side project. The volunteer corps has a diverse background including social work, law, nonprofit administration, grant administration, business administration, computer science, accounting, marketing, fundraising, health care, and education. 

Side Project staff assist in matching members with a volunteer side project. You will be matched with a project based on your passions, skills, and availability. Examples of volunteer projects or activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing legal support to a nonprofit or grassroots effort

  • Providing tech support to a nonprofit

  • Developing a marketing plan

  • Writing a grant for a nonprofit

  • Creating a business plan for a nonprofit

  • Creating a logic model for a nonprofit

  • Hosting a concert to raise funds for local charities

  • Organizing an event in your community

For more information in joining our team, contact Adam Causgrove, Director of Community Outreach, at

2019-2020 Volunteers


Nate Bish

Paul Causgrove

Jean Causgrove

Sean Causgrove

Tim Grow

Steve Fetzner, Esquire

Dan Fromknecht

Ken Fromknecht

Mary Fromknecht

Amanda Petrush

Meghan Slater

Mark Inscho

Dan Matson


David Brown, MBA

Sara Brown

Adam Causgrove

Brandon Keller, Esquire

Nick Koch, Esquire

Andrew Miskowiec

Palm Beach County

Anne Fromknecht

Susan George

Dave George

Brad Gies, Esquire

Nolan King

Pam Tatti

Craig Young, Esquire

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