Our Projects

We are a nonprofit incubator and social change accelerator. We believe in the power of grassroots community organizations and work with new projects and initiatives to determine their best path forward. Side Project provides fiscal sponsorship and management for new and innovative projects focused on progressive social change. Fiscal sponsorship is a cost-effective way to implement new programs, bring together groups to collaborate on an issue, and test new approaches to social change. Fiscal sponsorship is a common mechanism used in the nonprofit sector that enables individuals and organizations to start new programs without establishing a new, separate nonprofit organization.

Side Project's sponsored projects are not separate and isolated entities; rather, they are an integral part of Side Project Inc. We receive and manage charitable donations and grants on behalf of our projects, maintain the necessary corporate and financial infrastructure for all project activities, and allow project leaders to focus on creating a healthy, just, and vibrant world.

Side Project Inc. has supported nonprofit leaders since 2012 and is one of the leading fiscal sponsorship organizations in Pennsylvania and Florida. We are known for providing high-quality legal and professional advice to the nonprofit community. Side Project is committed to the vision of each of its projects and all of Side Project's sponsored projects share in our core values: service, social justice, integrity, competence, the importance of human relationships, and fun.


The Pittsburgh Center for Autistic Advocacy seeks to advance the equity of autistic people in all realms of life. PCAA believe in inclusive education, policy, and community for autistic people and all people with disabilities.


Accessible YOUniverse focuses on increasing inclusion of people with disabilities through advocacy, education, and representation. Accessible YOUniverse seeks to bring parties together, facilitating long-overdue conversations that break down silos, and ensuring that the voices of people with disabilities are represented and heard in these discussions. We will plan and implement round table conversations.

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The Black Women’s Policy Agenda addresses the multitude of social justice issues and problems that disproportionately affect black women in the Pittsburgh region. In an effort to deal with this complexity in a more impactful way, black women will come together and work collectively to establish a black women's policy agenda with actionable strategies to achieve better outcomes.

Peace Love Wraparound - A Social Capital Fund

Peace, Love, & Wraparound - A Social Capital Fund helps children with mental health needs who are enrolled in Wraparound get connected to the community support they need.

Waste Not

Waste Not - A nonprofit program teaching the true meaning of recycling and the importance of managing our waste through creative projects and discussion.

Collective Legacy Project

The mission of the Collective Legacy Project is to preserve the stories of past generations and to share their experiences with the world. The organization's website shares the stories of more than fifteen individuals through three forms of media: video, prose, and photography.

Project Waiting Room

Project Waiting Room's overall goal is to modify all of the waiting spaces within the Allegheny County Family Courts. The project was inspired by the experience of the founder's family while adopting their amazing daughter. This project is working to create a comfortable, functional, family-friendly environment that also offers privacy for caseworkers and attorneys to meet with their clients.

South Florida Link Coalition

The South Florida Link Coalition is a multidisciplinary, collaborative initiative created to increase education and awareness, address public policy, create programs, and lead research on The Link between animal cruelty and human violence. The South Florida Link Coalition facilitates community and social change by working to bring together members of the community and health care, criminal justice, and animal welfare agencies to foster healthy relationships between people and animals.

Roadkill Gallery

Roadkill Gallery is a mobile art gallery whose mission is to increase the accessibility of art to their neighbors.


TailGREAT is a fundraising tailgate themed party that brings together friends, beer, baseball, and community. Since 2008, TailGREATS in three cities have raised more than $10,000 for local charities in Erie, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, and West Palm Beach, FL.

Call Me Al Podcast

The Call Me Al Podcast is hosted by Al Condeluci and produced by Side Project Inc. and features conversations with people from around the world who are working towards social justice.


The Interdependence Network is a collaborative effort among disability serving human service organizations from around the United States and Canada. The network was formed in 2008 to explore the concept of social capital and community engagement and its role in the field of rehabilitation and the lives of people with disabilities. Side Project staff help to manage the group and provide grant research and proposal development.


Beach Glass Services provides emotional support for adolescents from age twelve through twenty-one coming from inpatient and/or intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) for mental health and/or substance abuse disorders. This will include providing care packages to adolescents as they leave treatment facilities (whether inpatient or IOP) by partnering with Allegheny County mental health treatment facilities and substance abuse treatment facilities.


The Learn How to Think Project seeks to have an organized approach to advancing the Philosophy for Children (P4C) movement in the United States through focusing on outreach, fostering awareness, and implementing pre-college philosophical instruction, to effectively create a more engaged democracy by raising a generation of young critical thinkers.


SEEN: Serving, Embracing, and Engaging Neurodiverse Needs – SEEN seeks to assist youth with invisible disabilities to be able to develop their social, emotional, executive functioning, and regulation needs with the goal of assisting in the successful transition from childhood to adulthood.


Spice Rack uses humor to facilitate respectful discussions about social justice and racial equity issues, and to promote inclusive individual and community action.