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Research & Development 


We are a nonprofit incubator and social change accelerator. Our work supports individuals, organizations, and institutions focused on social change as they try to begin to identify, utilize, and add to the existing assets of their community. Since 2012, we have helped more than fifty small grassroots nonprofit organizations establish a strong foundation by helping them with legal and operational challenges. 

We provide the following services through the nonprofit support program:

Project Development and Management

Do you have an idea for a new program or project but just aren't sure how to get the idea off the ground? Our staff and volunteer community organizers can help. We use a logic model approach to create a visual map of your idea, outlining resources you currently have, resources you need to acquire, and what your intended activities, goals, and outcomes are. We then try to connect you to people in your community with complementary skill sets to help your organization succeed. We also provide fiscal sponsorship and management support to grassroots charitable projects and small nonprofits. Visit the Projects page to see our current projects.

Grant and Foundation Research Services

Our staff researches a number of databases, both locally and nationally, that have an interest in funding the type of program that you are proposing. From this list we then research and examine each foundation's tax returns to identify how much money was granted and to whom. This type of information is a great guide when putting together a proposal, and helps determine how much is an appropriate amount to ask for in funding. We review and summarize the information in an easy-to-read report and create a funding calendar of important dates. The funding report includes the name of the foundation, formatting and submission guidelines, and contact information for the Program Officer or Board of Directors. The funding calendar, which is organized by month, highlights important dates in each foundation's funding cycle.

Program Evaluation and Continuous Quality Improvement Programs

We offer a unique approach to evaluation and continuous quality improvement that is tailored to your needs. We work with you to define your program's goals and objectives using a logic model. The logic model links outcomes (both short and long-term) with activities/processes and the theoretical assumptions of the program. Next, we identify appropriate baseline and implementation measures to track your program's progress. We specialize in qualitative approaches including focus groups, interviews, and photo documentary to measure the extent to which program activities lead to short and long-term goals. We also help you to develop a data feedback loop to ensure that data collected can be continuously used for decision-making. Finally, we help you develop a strategy to share the great work your organization does with the community and funders.


You want to be a 501(c)(3)
So You Think You Wanna Be a 501(c)(3)


We believe in the power of grassroots community organizations and work with new projects and initiatives to determine their best path forward. Starting a nonprofit is not the only route to making a difference in the community.  Check out this overview of the steps to take before incorporating. 

Pros and cons of forming a nonprofit corporation
Pros & Cons of Forming a Nonprofit Corporation


This checklist is designed for an organizations senior leaders and Board of Directors to review compliance with state and federal laws impacting nonprofit corporations. 

Social change strategic planning worksheet
Social Change Strategic Planning Worksheet


This tools helps project understand the relationship between the resources, activities, outputs and outcomes of a new project. This planning tool can be very helpful for new projects or organizations and sets the stage to effectively measure and track success.

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Video Tutorials 
Legal Services for Nonprofits


Do you work at or serve on the Board of Directors of a Tax-Exempt Nonprofit organization? Do you have questions about legal issues that impact your work? Contact attorney Jeff Fromknecht today!

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