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Erie TailGREAT 2017

A big thank you to everybody who came out to Erie TailGREAT 2017! We had a beautiful day, delicious food, cold beer, and more than 125 people join us on June 3rd for our annual tail-gate themed fundraiser at the Neighborhood Art House. With the support of dozens of volunteers and local businesses, we were able to raise more then $2500 for The Neighborhood Art House, Linked by Pink, the Veterans Miracle Center of Erie, the Twilight Wish Foundation, and a scholarship for a Student Physical Therapist at Gannon University. Pictured on this post is the first family of Side Project Inc.: Jeff Fromknecht, CEO, his wife Anne Fromknecht, and their daughter Beth Marie Fromknecht who enjoyed her first of many TailGREAT events.

Be sure to keep an eye out for news and announcements about events such as this and more opportunities to volunteer!

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