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Starting a Nonprofit


Creating a nonprofit corporation requires more than just filing paperwork with the state. In addition to the many legal and regulatory challenges, nonprofit founders are also developing programs and creating fundraising strategies. We help small grassroots community-based projects with our Nonprofit Start Up package. Organizations that are advancing social change and social justice are eligible for our low bono Nonprofit Start Up package, which includes guidance through the nonprofit incorporation and tax exemption process. 

There are many steps in starting a new nonprofit. We help with:

  1. Drafting Articles of Incorporation,

  2. Drafting Corporate Bylaws,

  3. Drafting of Corporate Policies & Procedures, including Conflict of Interest policies, Executive Compensation policies, Financial Control policies, and more,

  4. Completion of IRS Application 1023 (for 501(c)(3) status),

  5. Compliance with State Charitable Solicitation Laws, and

  6. Obtaining state sales tax and property tax exemptions (if applicable).

Side Project offers a low bono sliding fee scale for organizations with annual revenue less than $5,000,000.00. Our fees and packages are customized to each project and are primarily based on the organization's revenue and complexity. 

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Starting a Nonprofit Questions
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So you want to start a 501(c)(3)
Pros and cons of forming a nonprofit corporation
Social Change strategic planning worksheet
So You Think You Wanna Be a 501(c)(3)


We believe in the power of grassroots community organizations and work with new projects and initiatives to determine their best path forward. Starting a nonprofit is not the only route to making a difference in the community.  Check out this overview of the steps to take before incorporating. 

Pros & Cons of Forming a Nonprofit Corporation


This checklist is designed for an organization's senior leaders and Board of Directors to review compliance with state and federal laws impacting nonprofit corporations. 

Social Change Strategic Planning Worksheet


This tool helps projects understand the relationship between the resources, activities, outputs, and outcomes of a new project. This planning tool can be very helpful for new projects or organizations and sets the stage to effectively measure and track success.

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Video Tutorials 
Legal Services for Nonprofits


Do you work at or serve on the Board of Directors of a Tax-Exempt Nonprofit organization? Do you have questions about legal issues that impact your work? Contact attorney Jeff Fromknecht today

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