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Center for Nonprofits @ CoWork Boynton





CoWork Boynton – Center for Nonprofits is a co-working community specifically for small and startup nonprofit organizations.  Powered by Side Project Inc., a 501(c)(3) public charity, CoWork Boynton LLC, and Nonprofits First, The Center for Nonprofits is the only nonprofit incubator space in Palm Beach County. The Center offers the nonprofit community pro and low-bono legal help, work & meeting space, fiscal sponsorship, workshops, and more for small and startup nonprofits. The mission of the Center for Nonprofits is to create a community of like-minded social entrepreneurs who can grow, learn, and strengthen the Palm Beach County community.

The Center for Nonprofits supports the nonprofit community by providing the following resources to nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs.  


  1. Access to Conference Rooms & Meeting Space

  2. Discounted Co-Working Space Memberships

  3. Launch Boynton - Nonprofit Start Up Support

  4. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bylaws) Nights

  5. Pro Bono Legal Compliance Reviews

  6. Fiscal Sponsorship (for new projects)

  7. Low Bono Legal Support & General Counsel for small nonprofits

  8. Monthly Socials

  9. Lunch & Learns

  10. Free Coffee



Our work follows an Asset Based Community Development strategy (see Using this strategy, we seek to build on and support community assets and work to mobilize individuals, associations, and institutions to come together to build on to their existing assets. We work with organizations to identify assets and to chart their Social Change Strategic Plan. This approach focuses on the potential of a community. Many communities address social and economic problems with only a small number of the community’s total capacity. This is the challenge and opportunity of community engagement. Our strategy starts with the assumption that EVERYONE IN A COMMUNITY HAS SOMETHING TO OFFER.

Powered By

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Side Project Inc. 


Side Project's mission is to promote social justice and social change by incubating and developing grassroots projects.



A contemporary coworking office where entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, and the self-employed can be productive, collaborate and find community.

Nonprofits First


Nonprofits First's mission is to strengthen the nonprofit sector by maximizing their capacity to deliver services through accreditation, leadership development, education, and management support services.


Nonprofit Law
Nonprofit Legal Hotline
Fiscal Sponsorship FAQ


For more information on our Nonprofit Incubator & Social Change Accelerator download our Fiscal Sponsorship FAQ

Starting a 501(c)(3)


Starting a nonprofit is not the only route to making a difference in the community. If you are thinking about starting a nonprofit be sure to review So you Think You Wanna be a 501(c)(3)

The Nonprofit Legal Hotline


Whether your project is looking for a fiscal sponsor or your organization is thinking about acting as a fiscal sponsor, we can help with any legal and operational challenges. Schedule a free call today. 

Video Tutorials 
Fiscal Sponsorship:
What it Is & How it Works


Fiscal sponsorship is an alternative to forming a traditional nonprofit corporation. In essence, it provides an opportunity for a small charitable project to piggy-back on the fiscal sponsor’s IRS status and pass certain overhead costs to the sponsor. This 30 minute webinar covers:

1. What fiscal sponsorship is
2. When fiscal sponsorship is appropriate
3. The Most Common Types of Fiscal Sponsorship
4. Best Practices in Fiscal Sponsorship Arrangements.

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